Sturtevant, WI— In response to the July 8th Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling regarding the illegal ballot drop boxes, State Representative Timothy Ramthun requested an extraordinary session be called to vote on LRB-6371, an updated and revised resolution to reclaim Wisconsin’s 10 electoral ballots. As of noon this past Monday, Wisconsin State Representatives, Janel Brandtjen and Chuck Wichgers, have signed on to legislation in support of decertifying the 2020 Wisconsin election results.

In response to the aforementioned, Adam Steen has released the following statement:

By January 3, 2023, upon being sworn into office, if LRB-6371 has not yet been passed into law, the people of Wisconsin can be assured that I will introduce this bill to the assembly. I stand by Wisconsin State Representatives Timothy Ramthun, Janel Brandtjen, and Chuck Wichgers, and I stand by the people of Wisconsin.

The illegally and unconstitutionally certified 2020 Wisconsin election results (under the US Constitution Article II, Section 1, Clause 2, which grants exclusive plenary power to state legislatures to determine the means of electoral vote allocation) have led to the need for our Wisconsin legislature to reassert the residual powers, as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment, to recall electors appointed by illegal processes.

This comes as 75% of the nation is disgusted with the effect of the illegally conducted and certified 2020 election at the precinct, county, state, and federal level. The malfeasance at the federal level includes Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence’s wee hours action to refuse participation in the Joint Session on January 6-7 to over 90% of the US Congress, which then illegally lacked a quorum.

The illegal federal certification was done in contravention to Mike Pence’s own tweet only minutes prior, articulating his lack of “unilateral authority to determine the electoral outcome” (a semantic mischaracterization given the specific request made to him by letter on January 5 by legislators representing several states). Surely, we can all agree it can’t be both ways for Mr. Pence.

As Representative Brandtjen so eloquently stated in her July 22nd press release, “Fair and honest elections are the cornerstone of our democracy and we know that the 2020 presidential election was neither fair, nor transparent…..We will never know the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Tyranny is at Wisconsin’s door.”

Unfortunately, I believe Wisconsin has already opened its doors to tyranny; through inaction and complacency, we have somehow managed to work ourselves beneath its oppressive thumb. Timing is critical! Tyrannical policies thrust upon us by corrupt state and federal conspirators can only be stopped by electing brave state leaders willing to take a stand upon such treacheries. Together, courageous state leaders coupled with an informed public willing to hold their elected leaders accountable, Wisconsin can and will be led away from the dark path it has embarked upon.

The time is up for the politicians that have proved, by their own actions or lack thereof, that they no longer work for WE THE PEOPLE! My opponent, Robin Vos, packed away his moral fortitude years ago. NOW is the time for new leadership- those with integrity, grit, and a firm commitment to stand for THE PEOPLE!

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