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Phoenix Police detectives are investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred after a man pointed a gun towards police officers.

On June 27, 2022, at about 5:20 p.m., Phoenix Police officers responded to a domestic violence call at an apartment near 52nd Street and Thomas Road. When they arrived, they entered a courtyard of the complex and saw a man standing on the second-floor landing with a gun in his hand. Officers gave the man several commands to drop the gun as he was pointing it in the direction of other residents on the ground floor. This was when the officer involved shooting occurred.

After the shooting, the suspect went into an apartment on the second floor. Officers made their way to the second floor and gave the suspect commands to come outside. The suspect came outside then officers moved in and saw he was stuck by gunfire. The officers provided aid to the suspect as other officers entered the apartment and helped an adult female and two children to safety.

The suspect was taken to the hospital by the fire department in critical condition. Officers located a gun inside the apartment.

During this incident there were no injuries to officers or other members of the community.

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