Pro-life and pro-child 

The Head Groundskeeper is one of those worry warts convinced that Republicans will blow their electoral advantage come November.

Wisconsin does appears safe from nominating a full-out nut job like Eric Greitens in Missouri. The misogynist candidate for U.S. Senate cut a campaign ad depicting an armed raid on the home of a supposed RINO — those being defined as Republicans who believe Trump did more than throw his plate of spaghetti on the wall. (As Oscar Madison told Felix Ungar, “Now it’s garbage.”)

Scarred by Uvalde TX and trying to blame the insurrection of January 6, 2021 on Nancy Pelosi, Greitens’ appeal to hate and division won’t work even in red-state Missouri and sure as hell won’t sell moderates in battleground Wisconsin. Timothy Ramthun, the most full-on Always Trumper seeking the Republican endorsement for Wisconsin governor, is running a distant fourth.

Not that the others didn’t seek Trump’s endorsement. Tim Michels came away with the prize and now must live with that white elephant. As Sen. Ron Johnson points out, Trump lost Wisconsin by 22,000 votes when 55,000 Republican voters left the presidential ballot line blank. If he turned off that many voters in November 2020 …

Trump is not the issue

The gray lab coats at the Werkes say the big state issues are crime, Woke schools, the economy, and abortion. Abortion IS on the ballot — as it should be. The victor will come down to who is perceived is the least crazy. (That the Wisconsin ban dates to 1849 — before the Republican party was even founded — validates Justice Alito’s observation that the Constitution never guaranteed abortion.)

It’s early, but the issue is crazing Democrats. Their leading candidate for Senate and backed by A.O.C., Mandela Barnes, says he supports placing term limits on U.S. Supreme Court justices and would consider packing the court. A tacit admission that Barnes despairs of ever convincing a majority of Americans.

Wisconsin is in the middle — or muddle — on the issue. Only 27% of respondents told the Marquette Law School poll that abortion should be legal in all cases. On the flip side, only 11% say it should be illegal in all cases — 24% in most cases. Which seems like adopting a ban after 15 weeks might be a reasonable compromise — not that any Republicans candidates are saying so.

Putting Tony Evers on the spot

Wisconsin Republicans are, nonetheless, playing it smart. In the Assembly, 38 Republicans are asking Democrat Gov. Tony Evers to allocate $10 million for pregnancy resource centers. It’s not only good politics — it’s the moral thing to do.

“Pro-life is far more than just pro-birth,” says State. Rep. Barbara Dittrich of Oconomowoc. “These pregnancy resource centers do a phenomenal job of helping women who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy.” The Republican letter argues:

Pregnancy resource centers help women navigate through a pregnancy, whether it’s through medical services, bettering their economic circumstances, pregnancy/parental support, or adoption assistance, rather than resorting to killing their child. If a woman isn’t ready to be a mother or thinks she can’t afford a child, there are other options without ending a life.

Try getting that from Planned Parenthood!

Blaska’s Bottom LineRepublicans will want to paint Democrats as taxpayer-funded abortion up to the delivery room. A.O.C. is helping; she wants abortion clinics at the entrances to federal land. “Baby steps,” she says, ignorant of the irony.

What’s YOUR prediction?

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