On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, at approximately 8:03 a.m., Yuma County Sheriff’s Office deputies were patrolling the area of Avenue 19 E and the International Border when they came across an illegal alien lost in the desert.

The alien was in need of water and informed deputies he had been lost in the desert for approximately 3 days after illegally entering the United States with a group. He also informed the deputies that there were two other aliens lost but walking a different direction. The man was given water and Border Patrol was notified and took custody of the subject.

Deputies continued to patrol the desert area and came across the two aliens the man had mentioned. The aliens were found taking shelter under an ocotillo bush dehydrated and overheated. The male and female aliens confirmed they had also entered the United States illegally and had been walking the desert for approximately 3 days.

Border Patrol BORSTAR Units arrived and rendered medical assistance for heat exhaustion and took over custody.

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