MADISON, Wis. – Yesterday, Wisconsinites rallied at the State Capitol to send a clear message to Ron Johnson, Robin Vos, Rebecca Kleefisch, and other Republican politicians and candidates that their anti-abortion efforts have no place in the Badger State.

See what they’re saying below:

CBS Madison

ABC Madison

CBS Milwaukee

ABC Madison: “Wisconsin OB-GYN Dr. Emily Buttigieg said her training throughout medical school focused on how to provide patients with the best possible care based on medically accurate information and evidence. ‘If [Ron Johnson and Wisconsin Republicans] get their way, nearly any abortion performed in Wisconsin will be illegal, and patients will suffer and die…I’ve watched over the past decade as anti-abortion politicians have been using inflammatory, deceptive, and cruel language to pass laws that limit or ban abortion care.’”

Cap Times: “When asked during a Tuesday appearance on the Newsmax show Spicer & Co. whether the leaked draft might give Democrats a ‘rallying cry’ in the 2022 election, Johnson said, ‘I don’t think so…First of all, it is a draft opinion…But even if this is the final decision, from my standpoint, this is the correct decision,’ Johnson said.”

Wisconsin Examiner: “Wisconsin’s Republican incumbent U.S. Senator Ron Johnson embraced the draft decision overturning the landmark abortion rights decision. ‘This is a really good decision, this is what should have happened 50 years ago,’ Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday on a rightwing talk show.”

CBS Milwaukee: “Republicans, who control the state Legislature, did pass restrictive abortion bills last year, but Democratic Gov. Tony Evers vetoed them. It’s likely they will try again and propose legislation to tighten abortion laws…’We can stop this by electing Democrats at every single level of government,’ said State Sen. Kelda Roys (D-Madison).”


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