If you were having a real weekend with your family, either celebrating Christianity’s most holy day or just celebrating a spring weekend, this happened over in the U.K.

Obviously, in the grand scheme of things, the future of the world doesn’t hang upon whether it is a big deal to get up and sing a Christian song in public. But with respect to the future of nations that are supposed to follow classic western liberalism (writ large, not political), the act is more important than it might first appear, especially when people made uncomfortable by the performance have absolutely nowhere to go, and especially when this “type” of thing is lumped in with thousands of similar acts that take place every day.

We have all read, and I’ve written about, the fact that the MAGAs seem to get a near-sexual thrill in pushing their politics upon us, whether in small personal gatherings or in larger public groups. There is an aggressiveness to their movement that is wholly related to the aggression they showed at the Capitol. They are right, they are strong, you don’t matter.

Is getting up and singing your Christian song for an entire plane full of people that much different? No. As Rep. Omar said:  “I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane.” (Tweet Below)

But it was Ben Shapiro’s reply to Omar that provided the clear description of what is happening here when Shapiro said:


Forget Shapiro’s first sentence rebuking Omar, primarily because I seriously doubt that Shapiro knew what he meant in that sentence, only that he needed something that sounded insulting, so I’m not sure why he expects us to know what he meant. It is the next sentence that matters anyway.

Ben Shapiro believes we need more “of this,” and – of course, no one at this site is fooled. By “this” he means Christianity shoved down people’s throats because the MAGAs use the same principle in spreading their political religion (and it is a religion). Where did Trump go very early on in his candidacy? Perhaps his first “rally”? Correct, Liberty University.

This is where classic western liberalism and current political liberalism align. We don’t allow a dominant religion to dominate others in the public sphere. Shapiro and the right love domination, to the point that just a tiny display such as that above arouses them.



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