April 16, 2022

Your cup runneth over starting this Saturday, as the year’s only Libra full moon energizes your second house of money and professional efforts. Success is just within your reach, thanks to the manifesting energy of this full moon. What have you been working toward over the past six months? Keep pushing forward and an important project could finally reach a major milestone. You could also potentially seal the deal with a major partner who could help you take your efforts to the next level. This is also a great moment to pivot if you’ve been feeling uninspired by your current career path. How can you redirect your energy toward a pursuit you’re passionate about? It may take some creative hustling (and some midnight oil), but it will be worth the extra effort. Not feeling quite confident enough to take the leap? Look within to determine the source of this self-doubt. Don’t let a fear of failure derail your dreams. The momentum continues on Sunday, as the moon shifts into Scorpio and your cerebral third house. A strategic brainstorming session could lead to the breakthrough you’ve been seeking. Hint: The simplest solution is often the best one. Still having trouble? Reach out to a mentor who’s “been there, done that.” Their words of wisdom could help you find your way.

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