April 16, 2022

Step into your personal power this Saturday, as the year’s only full moon in Libra electrifies your first house of individuality. Your self-assured attitude will pave the way for success, whether you’re putting your love on the line or taking a big swing in business. If you’ve been preparing for a major career shift, these motivational moonbeams could give you the courage you need to take that big leap. Play the role of your own PR guru and get out there to promote your incredible efforts! Remember: It’s not bragging if it’s true. Having trouble finding direction? While it may seem like everyone has their idea of what you should do, there’s only one opinion that matters at the end of the day—your own. Trust your gut when it comes to important decisions, especially if this could significantly change your life path. On Sunday, the moon soars into Scorpio and your down-to–earth second house. Get practical, Libra! Hammer out a detailed strategy for pursuing that important dream.

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