April 16, 2022

Has your dynamic with a close friend felt a bit out-of-balance recently? Take steps to regain your equilibrium with this person on Saturday, as the year’s only full moon in Libra electrifies your third house of communication and close relationships. Perhaps you feel like you’ve been doing all the emotional heavy lifting without receiving much reciprocal support. Or maybe you’re locked in a codependent cycle which just seems to breed conflict at every turn. Regardless of your specific situation, this full moon could shine a clarifying light on this situation and help you move forward. Have you been waiting for news or a project green light? In the next few days, you could finally get that answer. On Sunday, la luna shifts into Scorpio and your foundational fourth house. If you’re spending time with family over the holiday weekend, you could enjoy a sentimental moment or three. Keep plans flexible and focus on together-time rather than trying to make celebrations picture-perfect.

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