Rodney Leonard believes attending Perimeter College was one of the best decisions of his collegiate career.

Leonard is now a senior director of supply chain and logistics at Johnson and Johnson, where he oversees the corporation’s North America region’s customer logistics activities—but he still remembers fondly his time at Perimeter College.

“My days on Perimeter’s Clarkston Campus stretch back to the early 90s, when I attended on a scholarship from my dad’s company,” Leonard recalled.

In addition to the scholarship, Leonard got a job at his father’s company which was near to the campus, making it ideal for him to work part-time while attending college full-time.

On campus, Leonard enjoyed the diversity of students and the extracurricular activities available to them. Also, because of the smaller class sizes, Leonard says he didn’t feel as overwhelmed as he might have elsewhere.

“Looking back I am very satisfied with my decision to attend Perimeter College just after high school,” he said.

“I was able to transition into my collegiate career in a smaller setting and that allowed me to make the necessary time management skills required to be successful.

Leonard graduated from Perimeter in 1992 with an associate of science degree, then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia State University in 1994 and a master’s in business administration several years later.

These days, he enjoys mentoring young students and helping them to navigate the rigor of college life.

“It is critical for those of us who have completed the journey to share our specific experiences, learnings, and the social/economic conditions we faced,” Leonard said.

“So when those who are currently on the journey are dealing with challenges or setbacks they can remember our insights and understand that they are not alone.  This offers them additional points of reference and a roadmap of what to expect and potentially motivation to press on.”

Leonard’s outreach also includes serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the Georgia State Alumni Association.

Like with Leonard, we’re interested in hearing where your journey has taken you since your days at DeKalb Community College, DeKalb College, Georgia Perimeter College or Perimeter College. Click here and take five to ten minutes to share your Origin Story. It could inspire a current student to keep reaching for their goals.

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