WEEK OF April 11 – 1 7, 2022

What a week to be a Pisces! The fantastic voyage begins on Tuesday, April 12—AKA Spirit Day—when your cosmic co-rulers Jupiter and Neptune form an ultra-rare conjunction at 23 degrees Pisces. This dynamic duo hasn’t met in your sign since March 17, 1856, so this truly is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Their combined forces can bring refreshingly insightful perspective about “what’s next” for your life. (Hint: It might involve traveling, relocating or some other big step.) But you probably won’t get these divine downloads if you’re busy taking care of everyone else. Let escapist Neptune and nomadic Jupiter lure you away from obligations, and, if you can swing it, off on a mini getaway could totally revive your spirits. See if any friends want to be your plus-one for a concert and a staycation at a boutique hotel; or maybe want to drive up the coast for a night at a spa. On a budget? Even crashing on a good friend’s couch would be soul-nourishing. With these empathic and philosophical planets mingling, you’ll probably stay up half the night talking. Anything you can do to stimulate your higher mind AND sate your fascination with the esoteric realm would be epic. Is a yoga studio hosting a sound bath or gong meditation? Would your soothsayer squad want to do tarot readings or vision boards while listening to TED talks and shamanic drumming tracks? Not your typical Tuesday night, but kind of perfect under these magical skies.


Can you feel the energy surging? On Thursday, motivational Mars returns to your sign for the first time in two years, ratcheting up your drive and determination until May 24. Love planet Venus—along with Jupiter and Neptune—are also part of the planetary posse in Pisces! This is your moment to seize the reins and get the party started, whether you take that literally, figuratively or virtually. But you know yourself well enough to understand that, for you to manifest, you first need to visualize the “what.” That’s part of your creative process, so give yourself adequate time and space to do it. Then, once your dreams crystallize, get into action and don’t stop till they come to life. It’s not your usual style to put your own needs first, but that’s exactly what you may have to do to accomplish this. If you feel unsure, remind yourself how much everyone stands to benefit from your efforts. “Competition” can be healthy, and has been known to bring out your best when your oft-passive sign decides to dive in. (Just try to stay aware of when you’re being a guppy versus a shark.) While you will be stoked to follow your bliss, stay aware that Mars can be as stressful as it is stimulating. Try to get into bed a little earlier, and ease off the sugar and caffeine since you may find it difficult to fall, or stay, asleep for the coming six weeks. By day, channel pent-up energy into a heart-pounding cardio workout or by taking long walks. Or combine a few of those initiatives and climb into bed earlier—with your favorite spooning partner, and burn a few more calories together.

Saturday brings a wave of seductive energy when the year’s only full moon in Libra turns on the ambient lighting in your intense and erotic eighth house. Have you been wishing a connection would evolve into something more permanent and exclusive? No more waiting in the wings, Pisces! Over the coming two weeks, clarity is a must. Find the right time to lay your cards on the table—and make sure it’s a face-to-face conversation, not a one-sided text thread! This might feel scary: What if your prospective other half isn’t feeling the same way? Well, Pisces, isn’t it better to know that than to labor in tormented delusion? But don’t underestimate yourself! Whether you’re talking finance or romance, there’s just as good a chance that you can turn this into something real over the two weeks that follow the full moon. And who knows? An unexpected solution might arise that feels like a win-win. The point is to start talking about it! If you’re in a relationship, use this lunar lift to deepen your bond. You could take some giant steps together—ones that may even involve commingling finances in a significant way like purchasing a home together or opening up a joint checking account.

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