WEEK OF April 11 – 1 7, 2022

Follow the money, Aquarius. With visionary Jupiter and dreamweaver Neptune doing a soulful samba in Pisces, you could finally bust through a block that’s been stalling your financial aspirations. This ultra-rare event hasn’t happened since 1865, and it could bring violet-light awakenings around how to create more lasting security for yourself. Divine downloads may stream into your consciousness all Tuesday. Record them all, even the WTH-weird ones that make little sense. (Hint: They might just be ahead of their time.) With soothsayer Neptune in the mix, you could be channeling a genius from another dimension! But this doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job, especially if you need that income to keep your apartment leased and plant-based pizza on the table. “Broke” is not a good look—or feel— when you’re trying to develop a business plan.

You might rearrange your schedule so that you can open up a little more time to start evolving a side hustle. It might simply be that your job description shifts as you add a new service to your offerings. Since Jupiter rules higher education, this could be your prompt to enroll in a special certification or maybe sign up with a coach that can custom tailor a process for your personal expansion. That said, if you’ve been whirring away and are already generating income from your dream, this planetary pairing can help you take the leap. With savvy planning, you can derive stability AND personal fulfillment from the same source.

More practical magic pours in on Thursday when Mars heads into Pisces, joining Venus, Jupiter and Neptune there until May 24. You’ve been hosting the energizer planet in your sign since March 6, which may have brought as much chaos as it did creative inspiration. TBH, it’s going to feel great to NOT have the planetary fire-starter nipping at your heels to do this or that, which has been the case on and off for the past seven weeks. And while you’ve probably made some serious headway on a few projects, you’re ready to get back into some semblance of a routine. You can catch up on paperwork, get your files in order and get back into a regular groove with your work. Boring? Maybe, but that’s EXACTLY what you’re in the market for. Settle down and settle in.

But you don’t have to rule out adventure entirely! (As if an Aquarius ever could.) Saturday’s full moon in Libra and your worldly ninth house could have you dreaming about your next big vacation. Where on the goddess’ green earth are you dreaming about going? Set up fare alerts, and if you see your magic number, pounce! If you don’t have friends in far-flung places, check summer festival line-ups and get back in touch with that part of yourself after this two-year hiatus. Even if the event doesn’t take place for a couple months, having tickets in hand will already make the experience feel real. Have you been toiling away on a side hustle since the NEW moon in Libra last October 6? Saturday’s lunar lift could bring serious buzz for your efforts—or get you rolling again on an entrepreneurial venture or media-making mission. Warning: Don’t overdo it on the truth serum this weekend. Full moons often shine a light on what’s hiding in the shadows, and you may feel compelled to unleash a torrent of “honest feelings.” While a heart to heart is in order, you don’t want to do a smash-and-grab of a loved one’s ego. Wait until you can deliver your complaints proactively and lovingly—and in the meanwhile, vent to a wise friend who can help you regain perspective.

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