WEEK OF January 25 – 3 1, 2021

Your first house of self is supercharged this week, bringing all kinds of Aquarian issues to the forefront. The Sun is soaring through your sign (until February 18), which is like permission to put yourself first. It’s not like you’re a martyr, exactly, but you CAN allow yourself to take a back seat to bigger, more demanding personalities, if only to keep the peace. Yet on Tuesday, January 26, el Sol forms its biennial clash with your galactic guardian, unpredictable Uranus, in your fourth house of kith and kin.

Just as you’re attending to something on your personal hit list, a close friend or relative could crash your private party. While you would never leave anyone in your inner circle in the lurch, they might not realize how much they’re actually leaning on you. Listen to their request (and hopefully it’s an ask, not a demand), and see if you can do something to help out. But remember, Water Bearer: “No” is a complete sentence and doesn’t require further explanation. 

Duos may get even more dynamic starting this Thursday as the year’s only Leo full moon turbocharges your seventh house of partnerships. It’s also “The Day of Miracles,” doubly blessed for you since the Sun and auspicious Jupiter are aligned in Aquarius for the first time in more than a decade! What do YOU want? Speak it aloud and watch it manifest. And with pleasure-planet Venus meeting sultry Pluto in your imaginative twelfth house, you might also put those dreams on a vision board.


The lunar buzz can get a stalled collaboration back in gear or reignite your mojo with bae if you’ve been drifting apart or just not finding time to connect. Full moons bring things to completion or “culmination” points, so wobbly unions might finally falter. But why prolong something that’s reached the point of diminishing (or vanished-altogether) returns? It may be time to deploy your exit strategy. But don’t use this an excuse to be unkind. New and full moons can take two weeks to unfold, so allow things to organically decompose.

If you’re on the fence or half-checked-out, this is a perfect opportunity to dive into some gloves-off dialogue because there’s not much left to lose. Want to stay—or looking for your other half? Think about what you need to feel adored and appreciated—then set the bar there and don’t lower it. Sometimes just standing up for YOU can lift the other party to that level.

On Saturday, analytical Mercury kicks off its first retrograde of the year in your sign. This sets up a three-week period in which you’re invited to do all those “re” words—on yourself! With the mindful planet in reverse, you can review, reevaluate, reconsider some recent choices or decision… Anything that got rejected or recycled might suddenly find new usefulness. But stay on guard for the classic Mercury-retrograde snafus, like miscommunications, emails getting lost or technology going on the fritz. Take extra time to (try to) be clear and simple in your instructions. And back everything up in writing, perhaps in triplicate!

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