WAUSAU – U.S. Senate Candidate Steven Olikara released this video from the Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy and Service, the location of the first debate scheduled between Democratic candidates. Here is his public statement:

“We cannot have candidates running scared into the November election against Ron Johnson. It is time to debate. The first Democratic Senatorial debate was scheduled in Wausau. It got cancelled because Mandela Barnes, Alex Lasry, and Sarah Godlewski all declined to participate.”

“There have been zero debates in the race for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, and none are currently scheduled. No candidate forums or multi-candidate events have been widely covered by the press. How can the general public make informed decisions in this context?”

“The clear frontrunner in the race is ‘undecided,’ the choice of half of likely Democratic primary voters. Wisconsin’s media has a responsibility to ensure voters know their options in this election.”

“To my fellow candidates: it is not democratic to hide behind big money and ads. We need to give voters the opportunity to hear from us in an unscripted format on the issues and on our experience so that they can make an informed decision. It is time to debate.”

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