April 16, 2022

Your appetite for adventure could become insatiable this Saturday, as the year’s only full moon in Libra electrifies your ninth house of exploration. Your thrill-seeking side emerges, so venture out of your house and embark on a thrilling escapade. Follow your bliss, whether you research plane tickets for a spring getaway or simply hop in your car for a day trip. A sexy stranger could saunter into your orbit when you least expect it. Entrepreneurial endeavors will also be particularly fruitful in the next two weeks, so start brainstorming strategies to get to your next milestone. Could a key collaboration help you take your efforts to the next level? Reach out, Aquarius! Your professional momentum gets even stronger on Sunday, when the moon soars into Scorpio and your ambitious tenth house. Draw up a list of ALL your long-term objectives. Do you have a comprehensive plan to help you reach them? If the answer is “no,” get to work!

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