But the coach said he doesn’t get involved in contract negotiations, so couldn’t speak on the addition of the study addendum.

“Honestly, my who entire role in (the contract) was prayer and pleading to both parties,” Kingsbury said.

With Murray, “his development in all areas, all he’s done is get dramatically better each and every year. That’s what I judge it by. There are a handful of quarterbacks that can win a Super Bowl in this league, and we feel he is one of them.”

Just putting time in watching video doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good time put in watching video, and that goes for any player, Kingsbury said. In the end, the coach said, it is the results by which everyone is judged.

“I know that K1 is a hard worker,” safety Budda Baker said. “Guys are all different. Some guys like to stay at the facility and watch film, some guys like to watch film not on their team-issued iPads (but) in their big (meeting) rooms. Some guys at home.

“He just got paid so everything is good. All he thinks about is football anyway.”

Ertz talked about his process watching video to prepare each week, honed over a decade in the league. But he echoed Baker’s thoughts on it being unique to each player.

“The addendum is what it is, but in my opinion, Kyler knows the playbook inside and out,” Ertz said.

“You can get so hyper-focused on film, it can be you’re trying to see things that really aren’t there during a game,” Ertz added. “There is a fine line, in my opinion, in watching too much film and trying to overanalyze things and playing fast. Each and every player has to find their own process.”

Murray and owner Michael Bidwill were all smiles when the QB signed his contract Monday, according to photos posted by the team. That’s the vibe Murray’s teammates reported Tuesday as well.

“No matter what the contract says, (Kyler) is happy,” Ertz said. “That’s all that matters to me.”

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