BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A traffic stop revealed that a Florida man caught speeding in Bloomington was transporting 15 credit card skimmers across state lines.

Booking photo of Levy Alfredo Carrizo-Campero

Levy Alfredo Carrizo-Campero, 26, of Coral Gables, Florida, is charged with possession of a legend drug and possession of a card skimming device.

According to court documents, Carrizo-Campero was pulled over on July 22 on Interstate 69 just north of Bloomfield Road after an officer observed him traveling 84 mph in a 55 mph zone.

During the traffic stop, the officer reported spotting an orange pill bottle in plain view inside Carrizo-Campero’s vehicle, according to the documents, and stated the bottle contained numerous pills and no prescription label.

A further search of Carrizo-Campero’s truck uncovered a magnetic box affixed underneath the vehicle. Inside the box were 15 credit card skimmers, according to police.

Carrizo-Campero was questioned about the credit card skimmers and reportedly admitted to officers that he transported the box across state lines for his boss.

Credit card skimmers are often installed on gas pumps or ATMs and store information from credit and debit cards when they are swiped by unaware consumers. This stolen information can be sold online to make purchases on the internet or over the phone or can even be copied onto counterfeit cards or used for identity theft.

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