Donald Trump Jr. demonstrated that the Trumps may be gone, but their disrespect for the United States military remains strong.

Trump Jr. tweeted:

Take a second and substitute 9/11 for Pearl Harbor and read Trump Jr.’s tweet again.  2,403 people died in the attack on Pearl Harbor, and two thousand nine hundred ninety-six people were killed on 9/11.

The disrespect for the military and people who died on December 7, 1941, is undeniable.

The issue with the Trumps and the culture war disease running rampant within the Republican Party is that it is based on cynical political emotional manipulation.

No one on the left thinks Elon Musk buying Twitter would be like Pearl Harbor because it is not a matter of life and death.

By the way, Musk would not be allowing free speech. He promises to allow hate speech. People on Twitter have no free speech rights. Free speech only involves criticism of the government, which means that the FBI can’t come and arrest somebody like me or you for criticism of elected officials.

Twitter is a private business and gets to make its own rules.

For example, Twitter could ban the sons of presidents who are trying so hard to be like their dad that it is almost painful to watch.

Donald Trump Jr., just like his father, doesn’t understand the concepts of love of country, duty, and sacrifice.

His attempt to own the left by comparing Elon Musk buying Twitter to Pearl Harbor says more about him than it does about the left.


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