While Twitter’s management fights to keep control of the Big Tech giant, the greatest participant of the platform, President Trump, remains banned while Iranian leaders roam free. 

As we reported this week, the world’s richest man, Elon Musk made a bid for Twitter.  The company appears to be more interested in its control of the platform than free speech or shareholder returns.

The latest as of yesterday was that the management of Twitter wants to keep control of the company despite the reasonably generous offer from Musk.

Elon Musk on Purchasing Twitter: “This is not a Way to Make Money – To Have a Public Platform that Is Maximally Trusted and Inclusive Is Important to Future of Civilization”

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Meanwhile, Twitter’s management continues to censor its greatest user, President Trump while promoting Iranian leadership.

Twitter is an excellent tool.  One of the best in modern times for sharing information.  But the leadership of Twitter is awful.  Twitter’s management promotes awful people while censoring those who promote freedom.

This week’s actions by the biased and anti-American leaders of Twitter show their true colors.  They don’t appear to be concerned about their shareholders or freedom of speech.  They appear to be obsessed with control.  





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