“Hey Darren, love your mailbag. One of my favorites things to look forward to on Tuesday. I grew up in Yuma, Arizona, so I am a proud Yuma High School Criminal. Growing up in Yuma I never knew what cold was until I left Yuma. When I travel I hear people saying ‘Oh, it’s hot,’ and I’m like, ‘Not really.’ With all the traveling you do, do you ever hear someone complain about how hot it is somewhere and be like ‘this isn’t hot?’ Also, do you think because Pugh said he doesn’t mind trying center they will have him take some reps at center during preseason?

Finally, I have to say this. The world in 2022 is full of haters who love to put everyone else down. I think Kyler Murray is great and he will continue to improve. All these haters saying he is not a leader, people say his bad body language and say they hear rumors. When did rumors become facts? Kyler Murray, I hope you read the mailbag and if you do, remember you’re not living unless you’re making people mad. I’ve learned you can’t make everyone happy so why not enjoy making them mad?”

I too hope Kyler Murray reads the mailbag. As for the two questions, it is hard sometimes for people to understand the heat we grew up in, yes. But make no mistake, I have been in a different kind of hot before and it can be brutal. My family took a summer trip to DC a few years ago and the humidity plus 90-plus degree temperatures were terrible. Different than our 112, but still terrible. As for Pugh, it makes sense for him to get some work at center in camp. But I would guess it isn’t a lot now that Hudson has returned.

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