Mychelle Johnson, the wife of Charlotte Hornets player Miles Bridges, for the first time addressed domestic abuse allegations raised against the NBA forward, sharing a carousel of disturbing images that show the injuries she claims to have suffered at his hand.

In a post shared to Instagram early Friday, Johnson revealed she suffered a fractured nose, a fractured wrist, a torn eardrum, and a “severe concussion” as a result of her husband’s alleged abuse. She also wrote that she had torn muscles in her neck “from being choked until i went to sleep.”

Photos shared alongside the statement show her swollen face as well as her bruised hands and arms. In one image her cheek is scratched and her ears are bleeding while another shows her official diagnosis, which reads “Adult victim of physical abuse caused by a male partner.”

“I hate that it has come to this but I can’t be silent anymore,” wrote Johnson, who shares two children with Bridges.

“I’ve allowed someone to destroy my home, abuse me in every way possible and traumatize our kids for life. I have nothing to prove to the world, but I won’t allow anyone who could do something so horrible to have no remorse and paint a picture of something I’m not.”

Johnson also shared a video of one of her children asking: “Did Daddy choke Mommy?”

The Instagram post comes days after the 24-year-old basketballer was reportedly arrested for felony domestic violence in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, Bridges was taken into custody on Wednesday, after a fight with his wife escalated and turned physical.

He was later released on $130,000 bond and is due back in court on July 20.

In a statement issued after his arrest, the Hornets said it was “aware” of Bridges’ situation and that they had “no further comment at this time.”

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