Okay, so let’s talk about having a plan. Because it can be really difficult to stay focused. When you walk into a sale moment, there are all kinds of really gorgeous pieces, calling your name. How do you stay focused?

Totally, because honestly, this has been my life before. It can be so exciting and exhilarating to see all these amazing things on sale, and you just kind of get that discount thrill. But like, you don’t want to just like buy to buy. And I just have to preface like my husband, I tried to steer him basically, because of this three-point plan that I’m gonna go over with you… notorious for literally just getting so excited buying everything, because it was so cheap. Then you know, the next season, it’s hanging in the closet tags still on because it just didn’t work, you know, for the lifestyle, for style in general. It was just not worth it, so we have to be strategic with my three-point plan.

So on that note, first of all, you want to think truly about any holes that you have in your closet and what could maybe benefit from a refresh. Again, you don’t just buy to buy. We always say this, editors at Who What Wear: basics are the true backbones of a wardrobe. They help balance out those more trend-driven picks. So, it’s great to start with basics or maybe items you’ve already tested first in the past that you want to refresh because they’re highly wearable, and could be great to get on sale. So things like jeans. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening right now—it’s fantastic deals through July 31st and I think the prices go back to full price on August 1st. There’s amazing Levi’s, like super discounted. Blazers are something great to consider. Chelsea boots, some of these more classic staples that really won’t go out of style and have longevity. 

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