Anyone who’s spent even five minutes in NYC knows that inspiration can be found on any corner at any time of the day. And as a stylish person, I’m always observing what my fellow New Yorkers are wearing and, of course, how they’re wearing it. Call me biased, but I think the people in this city are some of the most stylish out there and I don’t say that lightly. Between walking everywhere, carrying everything you need for the day with you, and facing the oppressive humidity that makes everything hot and sticky in the summer months, getting dressed can be a challenge which makes it that much more impressive when you can put together cool outfits.

To uncover how they’re skillfully getting through New York City summer in style, I asked a handful of cool women here to share the wardrobe heroes they’re relying on. These staple pieces are the backbones of their wardrobes, but they’re worthy of adding to your closet no matter where you live. From bodysuits and bra tops to pretty slip dresses, keep reading to see six New York summer staples they’re wearing on repeat—and how they’re styling them.

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