To get an idea of what attending fashion week looks like for most editors, imagine piles and piles of clothes strewn across your floor. With tiny NYC apartments and only a few minutes at home a day as we power walk from show to show, it’s not easy to stay organized. I remember laughing as one of my co-workers told me she slept in a pile of clothes the night after a full day of shows—she wasn’t exaggerating. We call in a lot of new outfits to wear during fashion week with the intention of showcasing the latest trends and wearing items that can be shopped by our readers now. 

Most of us end up wearing at least two looks per day with the obligatory outfit change for the evening shows and after-parties that require quite a bit of glitz and glam. If my calculations are correct, that totals 56+ outfits in just one week for my team of fashion editors. Despite the multitude of outfit changes, I proposed that the editors narrow it down to just one look that stood out to them during their fashion week. Below, you’ll find the seven outfits that our editors loved the most.

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