If there were ever an occasion to leave it all on the table sartorially, it’d be your birthday, the one day of the year when all eyes are on you. And that applies to both birthday blowouts and casual affairs. Going the low-key route with a quaint dinner? Slip into a sultry LBD. Staying in for takeout and a movie? Toss on your nicest pajama set (feathers not included but always recommended). If you do decide to go all out on your birthday, take your outfit a step above your normal getups, and leave no eye-catching fashion item behind. 

But between snagging a reservation for eight or more (or figuring out where to order takeout from) and choosing who you want to invite, it’s likely that time for mood-boarding the perfect birthday look—and subsequently shopping for it—is limited. Don’t fret. Since it is your birthday, after all, I thought, Why not? and did both tasks for you. Consider it an early present. 

Ahead, find all the fall birthday outfit inspiration you need to start your big day off on a high (fashion) note. And while you’re at it, shop your favorite looks, too. 

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