WEEK OF January 25 – 3 1, 2021

Duty or freedom? You may feel pulled in dueling directions this Tuesday, January 26, as the focused Aquarius Sun in your sixth house of work and service (the “Virgo” house) struggles to get on the same page as maverick Uranus in your renegade ninth house. Part of you knows that you simply “must” stay the course and finish what you’ve committed to…and yet, a little voice inside your head may be trying to convince you it’s okay to run off-leash for a while. This might not be easily reconcilable, at least not by rational thinking. So lean in to the irreverent energy of iconoclastic Uranus and come up with a way to have fun and feel free and unencumbered—without slacking on your responsibility. If anyone can do it, Virgo, it’s you!

Are you ready for some major-league releasing? If not, prepare to dig in deep and extract some ancient baggage and toss it in the psychic rubbish bin! On Thursday, the year’s only Leo full moon illuminates your twelfth house of introspection, internal processing—and healing. Full moons bring completion points, so anything you’ve been consciously working on may be ready to get jettisoned, and maybe something that’s half-hidden in your unconscious will spontaneously eject itself!

Remember, you have to open up space before something new (and presumably better) can come in. We’re not implying letting go is easy, particularly if it involves a onetime close connection. Focus on the parts that haven’t been remotely okay of late, and that might make it a little less fraught. As you intentionally shift your perspective, you may come to see just how much “unacceptable” behavior you’ve been putting up with. “Letting go” could also be on a physical level, and if you’ve been waiting for a wave of inspiration to declutter and get rid of all that “stuff,” this full moon may be the catalyst.

Begin with everything you KNOW you don’t want or need anymore, then slowly work your way up to the things you have an emotional attachment to. Be a little tough on yourself, but don’t throw the baby (i.e., family heirlooms) out with the bathwater. If you get a little nostalgic about a certain relationship and find yourself hoping it might still work out, keep thinking.

Thursday is also “The Day of Miracles,” when the Sun and bountiful Jupiter collaborate in your sixth house of planning. How do you want things to progress? By speaking honestly, you could shift everything in a proactive and exciting direction. And magnetic Venus and Pluto are giving you starpower under this full moon, which means you CAN be a bit of a diva when it comes to asking for what you need. Raise the bar for people—they’ll enjoy being challenged!

That cleanup and reorganization project would be ideal to undertake starting this Saturday, when your ruler, minutiae-minded Mercury, begins its first retrograde of 2021 in Aquarius and your systematic sixth house. Here’s a chance to step back and look at the whole business of how you do business (and health, and service) with a fresh perspective. These next three weeks may not offer much in the way of forward progress, but with mental Mercury spinning in reverse, you can detach just enough to objectively review your systems, routines and digital management. Bear in mind that this retrograde can scramble signals, so if you’re going to work with outside helpers, be triply clear with your instructions!

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