WEEK OF April 11 – 1 7, 2022

You may be deep in your feelings this Tuesday, April 12. But you’re more likely to be swooning than drowning in ’em thanks to wild-child Jupiter catching a dream beam from hopeless romantic Neptune. For the first time since 1865, they’re meeting up in Pisces and your fifth house of passion, creative expression and fame! If your intuition tells you to turn down a certain side street or stop into a tiny boutique, obey! Your spiritual GPS could lead you to the very person you NEED to encounter. Make your Tuesday plans as poetic as possible. While both planets evoke big, bold and boundless connections, they are fundamentally free spirited. To revel in the full glory of this transit, you might have to monitor your innate possessive streak. Of course, there is a certain measure of attention that you’re unwilling to share. Outspoken Jupiter will support you in drawing that line—even if dreamy Neptune would prefer to blur it. Some Scorpios may choose to channel this energy into a creative project, one with potential to bring profits and name recognition. Plug in that podcasting mic, get that track ready to upload—or develop in your own artistic medium. Your fanbase awaits!

And it won’t stop there. This Thursday, your planetary co-protector Mars joins Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and steams up the windows in your amorous, glamorous and flamboyant fifth house until May 24.

Your spring awakening cannot be suppressed—and not JUST because you’re a Scorpio. With Mars stimulating this excitable corner of your chart, you’re fully empowered to share your stronger feelings and desires. Couples should build more “field research” into your bedroom game, exploring new and experimental terrain. (Note, this might require a safe word and agreements, even if that doesn’t feel as sexy as getting swept away.) Engagements, pregnancies, or other exclusive mergers could be set in stone by May 24. All Scorpios will feel more in touch with their muse, and to show that you’re serious, leave plenty of white space in your calendar for spontaneous invention. Mars only visits this realm every other year, and generally for only six weeks, so you definitely want to make hay (or even babies?) while the sun shines!


Saturday’s stars draw a line in the sand: Should it stay or should it go? The year’s only full moon in Libra illuminates your twelfth house of healing and surrender. While you hate to “fail,” giving up could actually feel like the path of least resistance. If you’ve been clinging to a relationship that can’t get past the same stumbling block, you’ll have broad cosmic shoulders to lean on and plenty of encouragement to let it go! While surrendering your will to divine universal intelligence may not be the most comfortable thing for you, holding on to anger or resentment hurts worse. Is there still something left to salvage? Under these moonbeams, an open and honest conversation can start to shift the dynamic. Perhaps what needs to change is how YOU react to the other party. Maybe you reflexively respond in a certain way because of your own wiring. If you have an abandonment issue, for instance, you might antagonize your partner who reacts by pulling away, thus reinforcing your worst fears. Once you recognize the pattern, you can gain control over it and choose to act differently. If needed, the twelfth house full moon could lead you to a good therapist or support group to guide you through this transition.

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