SAN FRANCISCO — Masks are no longer required for Uber riders and drivers, according to a mass email sent out by the ride sharing company Tuesday.

The move follows a federal judge striking down the CDC’s federal transportation mandate which required masks while flying and using other means of public transportation in the United States, including ride sharing services like Uber.

Email sent to Uber users

Uber users received an email Tuesday morning stating, “The CDC order requiring masks while using rideshare platforms such as Uber is no longer in effect, and we’ve revised our COVID-19 mask and front-seat policies accordingly.”

The revised front-seat policy means riders can seat in the front passenger seat if they are part of a large group.

Uber joins several airlines like Delta, Southwest, American, Jetblue, and Alaska in publicly announcing they will no longer enforce masks.

The Transportation Security Administration has also said it would no longer enforce the mandate following the judge’s ruling.

Fellow ridesharing company Lyft has not made an announcement as of early Tuesday.

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