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At its April Open Meeting, the Arizona Commission voted to approve two railroad projects in Pinal and Pima counties.

The first project the Commission voted to approve was an application from the Pinal County Public Works Department for the approval of improvements made to the Hanna Road railroad crossing over the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad Company (UP). The project will include the installation of new active warning devices with flashing lights and gates in both directions that will alert the public to the presence of a train. The project will also include the paving and widening of Hanna Road to accommodate the increased traffic expected surrounding the Inland Port of Arizona, where Nikola Motors production facility is currently located. This will enhance economic development in the area while also increasing public safety.

The second was an application from Pima County Public Works Department requesting approval to construct a grade-separated crossing for Sunset Road over the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) near Interstate 10 near Tucson, Arizona. Sunset Road is currently a two-lane road that ends at the I-10 northbound frontage road east of I-10. No railroad crossing currently exists at this intersection. The project will establish a new grade-separated crossing for Sunset Road above the UP tracks. The project will also realign Sunset Road and widen it to increase capacity. The overall project will cost approximately $39 million dollars. Completion of the grade-separated crossing will improve public safety and is in-line with similar safety projects throughout the state.


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