Donald Trump called troops suckers and losers. President  Biden has shown his respect for vets by reducing their unemployment rate to a historic low.

President Biden said in a statement about the record low veterans’ unemployment rate:

Jill and I believe that our nation has a sacred obligation to America’s veterans and their families. Among other things, this means providing veterans with the tools and resources for economic opportunity, security, and dignity. My Administration’s approach is working: today, the unemployment rate for veterans is 2.4 percent—tied for the lowest rate on record—and down from an average of 6.5 percent in 2020.

Veterans of all backgrounds are finally being cut in on the deal. Unemployment rates for white, Black, Asian, and Hispanic veterans—male and female—fell and were the same or lower than their nonveteran counterparts in 2021. And, the unemployment rate for veterans with a service-connected disability declined to 3.4 percent.
This historic progress is the result of my Administration’s efforts to rebuild America’s economy from the bottom up and the middle out. We are continuing to build on this record with initiatives to bring veterans into critical industries like trucking and ensure they are good-paying, quality jobs. And, we are continuing our work to reduce the costs veterans and working families face.

The Biden administration has several ongoing efforts to boost employment among vets. The latest is a program to help veterans get jobs as truck drivers. The trucking industry is dealing with a shortage of drivers, and the Biden administration is trying to help vets who can do the job become drivers.

The President and First Lady’s commitment to veterans runs deep and is personal.

The nation has come a long from the previous administration, where the former president called people who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country suckers and losers. 

As president, Biden did more for vets in a day than Trump did in four years

President Biden is doing more than respecting veterans. He is dealing with a veteran employment issue that has plagued the nation for decades.

Joe Biden is delivering for those who risked their lives for the nation.

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