It wasn’t the rollout they wanted.

Toyota will recall its first-ever fully electric SUV because the wheels can fall off.

The recall affects 2,700 BZ4X vehicles. Toyota said: “Until the remedy is available, no one should drive these vehicles.”

Toyota said wheel bolts could become disconnected, causing entire tires to fall off. The 2,700 vehicles were distributed worldwide, with 2,200 of them bound for Europe, according to Toyota.

The company is still investigating the root cause of the problem. Toyota said it would pick up the busted vehicles and provide buyers with replacement cars until the problem was solved.

All the cars were produced between March and June. Only 270 were sent to North America and 112 were available in Japan. About 260 of the North American vehicles have been sold, according to CNN.

Toyota was planning to sell 30 different electric models by 2030. The BZ4X has been on sale for two months and was meant to be the first of those models.

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