I know. A gel instead of one of those heavy-duty, thick moisturizers that REALLY lock moisture in? Listen, I have a couple of those in my beauty stash, too, but most of the time I prefer the lightweight feel of a water-based gel lotion. I find that the heavy stuff works, but sometimes it can irritate my skin or make it feel extra oily. Gel moisturizers are known to be lightweight, easily absorbed, and super hydrating. 

Because I find myself having to apply a moisturizer throughout the day when my skin is super parched, gel makes it so much easier to wear. And the coolness of the gel feels like HEAVEN on red, irritated skin. I also find that it’s so much easier to apply makeup after putting on a layer of the stuff.

So if I’ve sold you a ticket for the gel-moisturizer train, you might be wondering which ones are the best. I’ve rounded up some of my fellow editors’ and my favorites, plus the best-reviewed out there. Take a look below. I’ve even broken them down by price point.

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