In the style-inspiration stakes, the French-girl look will forever be at the top of our list. We never get bored of the plethora of cool outfits that come from that part of the world. Of course, the notion of what constitutes “French style” has changed over time and no longer exclusively refers to Breton tops and knotted neckerchiefs. Thanks to the democratizing powers of Instagram, a new guard has risen up, bringing their own unique interpretations to this classic aesthetic. Let’s just say we’re paying attention. 

This summer, we’ve seen all manner of cool outfits come from the likes of Ellie Delphine and Frann Fyne, and after a bit of digging, we’ve come up with six trends, in particular, that seem to crop up again and again among Gallic girls. While each one is interpreted differently by each individual, every look possesses that classic balance of trend-led and timeless. Think leopard print, oversize shirting, retro sunnies, and sultry cutouts. Best of all? You can find each look on a budget.

So if, like us, you can’t resist the allure of French-girl fashion, scroll down to see the six affordable summer trends they’re championing this year.

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