Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan recently received a visit from the Stanley Cup with the NHL in the midst of its playoffs.

Lewan, who has always shown his support for Tennessee’s hockey team, the Nashville Predators, spoke about his past with hockey, which included his playing the sport when he was younger.

Lewan says his childhood hockey career ended when he took a nasty hit from an opponent that made him quit the sport for good.

“Played wing, and then I started playing defense, low key, and I was kind of a stud at defense,” Lewan said. “Then checking started to happen, and right as the whistle was getting blown, some kid, probably half my size — but the way I see it, he was seven-foot tall — puts me down. I skated right off the ice and never played again. So I played football instead, which makes zero sense.”

It’s safe to say Lewan made a pretty good decision. Not only has he had some success in the NFL, he’s made a nice buck in the process.

Unfortunately, the cup won’t be staying in Nashville, as the Predators have already been eliminated from the playoffs. Hey, there’s always next year.

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