Sunday’s game at home against the Jacksonville Jaguars is a MUST WIN for the Tennessee Titans.

Outside of the obvious reasons of a division game and the AFC South lead, the vibes are really up in the air. The firing of general manager Jon Robinson is a MAJOR shake-up and head coach Mike Vrabel Vrabel needs to steady the ship.

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Imagine if your boss got fired and his second in command replaced him in a power struggle with ownership. The office would be buzzing, so the players will obviously be discussing as well.

Not to mention, these last two losses HURT, not just for the fan base, but the players’ spirits, too. They need to get right so bad.

Historically, the Titans have dominated Jacksonville, and they’re AT HOME. So, a home loss to the 4-8 Jaguars could really break the spirit of the team and will unleash the national media hounds.

All the scrutiny and focus will be on Vrabel and the players, and questions about how the firing is affecting the team will be constant. Not only will that attention be annoying to the fan base, but it will most certainly be frustrating for the team, as well.

And, in a darkest-timeline scenario, the season could end poorly and affect how certain players feel about the franchise. Now, I don’t think that will happen because the players trust Vrabel more than anyone — and I do as well.

So, with a cross-country trip to Los Angeles lying ahead, the Titans would do well to take care of business this weekend at home and get Derrick Henry back on track against his yearly punching bag!

Either way, it’s all on Vrabel now, and not just from a big-picture perspective, but specifically this week. It’s a MUST WIN for the Titans and Vrabel, because a loss would mean the storm has just begun.

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