The current news cycle can often be relentless, overwhelming, and difficult to keep up with—which is why NBC News’ show Stay Tuned is committed to sharing all the stories you need to know on the platforms you’re already using. On Snapchat and TikTok, journalists Savannah Sellers, Maya Eaglin, and Gadi Schwartz report on a wide range of topics, from abortion rights to Stranger Things easter eggs, and have quickly become a go-to source for Gen Z. (Stay Tuned was the first news show to launch on Snapchat Discover in 2017 and now averages one million views per episode, per Adweek.) For Sellers and Eaglin, that also means often doing their glam to get on-screen (or rather, on-phone) ready. In honor of the show’s five-year anniversary, the two chatted with ELLE about their best beauty tricks, holy grail products, and how they prepare for a day on the job:

My go-to product

Moisturizing Lotion



Savannah Sellers: Sunscreen! It’s pretty much my only staple as I’m always trying new products or falling out of routines. I wear SPF 30 on my face every day under all the makeup. And when the makeup comes off during the day for a workout, new sunscreen goes on.

Maya Eaglin: My go-to everyday moisturizer is an essential part of my routine. I have really dry skin, and wearing makeup every day can make it even drier. I always start off with a moisturizing sunscreen and a light non-scented facial lotion, which helps all my other products glide on evenly and prevents my setting powder from flaking up.

The one beauty tip I swear by

Motivational Water Bottle

Sellers: How important hydration is! I can’t overstate how much of a positive difference I’ve seen since focusing on drinking more water. Those water bottles that mark the hours with encouragements like “you’ve got it” and “never give up” have quadrupled, at least, my water intake. I have one in my office and one at home, so I finish three a day. I carry it on every shoot and to every workout. You’d be surprised how much more you’ll drink just because your bottle holds more water. And one more thing—dry shampoo. It’s my savior. I have travel sizes in every purse and drawer.

Eaglin: I take a lot of pride in wearing my natural hair both on Stay Tuned and NBC News NOW. For others rocking their curls, I recommend trying the L.O.C. method for applying products on your wash day: Leave-in conditioner, oil, and then a styling cream. I’m also a huge fan of wearing my hair in a protective pineapple style when I’m at home or sleeping, which is just a super high pony tail, to keep my curls styled and intact.

One beauty tip that has really been helpful to me is learning to love every version of myself. There’s really no such thing as perfection, and sometimes I used to get so frustrated looking back at episodes where my makeup was messed up, or I had a curl sticking straight up. But honestly, that’s what my real life is like, and so I think being able to show up in an authentic way only makes Stay Tuned that much more real, that much more transparent. I’ve learned to truly love my “okay-hair days” and repeated outfits, because they’re a part of my life!

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My all-time beauty icon

Sellers: Hailey Bieber’s skin game is unmatched. I love her natural look, and it’s what I try to go for on the weekends. At work, my NBC name sister Savannah Guthrie totally inspires me. Her fun makeup, on-point jewelry, and clothes give me the confidence to push my own outfits. You get a lot of unsolicited feedback on your look in this line of work and sometimes it can make you scared to really own your style. Seeing Savannah Guthrie do it, and do it so well, has helped me with my confidence to do the same.

Eaglin: One of my beauty icons is Yara Shahidi. I love the range of her style, and how she’s always trying new things. She also keeps it so real with the ups and downs of her skin, which I can totally relate to. I always get annoyed with the occasional pimple or breakout, but Yara inspires me to embrace them—and use them as an identifier of something else your body might need (water, rest, more fresh food, etc.) At the end of the day, we’re human!

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The best beauty advice for Gen Z…

Sellers: Beauty is all about feeling confident. It means something different to everyone and it’s very personal. The most important thing is to feel your best so you can do your best work. Find easy routines that are as much about your health as they are your beauty, and it will fall into place.

…and the best work advice for Gen Z

Eaglin: Perfection can never be the goal, because it’s not possible. When I first started my job at Stay Tuned I would get upset flubbing lines, making small mistakes, or taking too long to ask a question in my interviews. I felt so much pressure to overperform, I completely missed the target of just being myself. So many of us, myself included, can get really caught up in the pressure of “grind culture”—always having to level up and boss up. Ambition is great, but make sure you’re still being kind and attentive to your body. Set healthy boundaries, spread positive vibes when you can, and enjoy the ride!

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