We’ve seen all sorts of reactions from both current and former NFL players when it comes to Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill saying it isn’t his job to mentor 2022 third-round pick and signal-caller, Malik Willis.

Several former NFL players weighed-in, with some criticizing Tannehill for being a bad teammate. However, Tannehill’s former teammate and New England Patriots tight end Jonnu Smith actually came to the veteran’s defense.

“It’s a highly competitive league folks. I’m sure lil homie [Malik Willis] know that and if he didn’t then he doesn’t belong,” Smith wrote on Twitter. “Ryan [Tannehill] one of the best teammates I’ve been around at any level and he didn’t ‘mentor’ me but I dam sure learned a lot from him.”

Current NFL players have shared their thoughts on Tannehill’s comment as well, including New Orleans Saints defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson, who hopes Willis takes the job from Tannehill.

Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts also weighed-in.

As we’ve said all along, this situation is pretty overblown.

Sure, what Tannehill said wasn’t ideal from an optics standpoint, but he isn’t the first veteran quarterback to publicly come out and say he won’t be mentoring the guy behind him.

Further, it isn’t Tannehill’s job to mentor Willis, but thinking this means he won’t help the young quarterback at all along the way is silly.

As much as Gardner-Johnson would like to see Willis take Tannehill’s job sooner rather than later, he shouldn’t hold his breath.

From all accounts, Willis will need at least one year to develop, and it’s our belief Tennessee should carry a third quarterback in order to avoid Willis being one injury away from taking the field before he’s potentially ready.

If all goes well, Willis could take the reins in 2023. The best bet to see Willis in 2022 will be if the Titans create a special package of plays for him, something the team has said is a possibility in Year 1.

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