Ron DeSantis went to Georgia to visit a gun shop that bills itself as the world’s largest, but the one thing that wasn’t large was the crowd for the Florida governor.

Here is the event:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported before DeSantis visited:

DeSantis picked the suburban gun store for the latest stop on his yet-to-be-announced presidential campaign, part of a media blitz that’s widely seen as a prelude to an official 2024 announcement expected within months.

Democrats, meanwhile, called on DeSantis to scrap the stop at a shop that bills itself as the “World’s Largest Gun Store” days after a deadly mass shooting at a private school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ron DeSantis visiting a gun store after three 9-year-olds were killed in a Nashville school shooting was a degree of blatant political pandering that was a lot, even by Republican culture war standards.

The larger issue is that DeSantis still can’t seem to draw a crowd when he leaves Florida. He couldn’t get people to come to see him in New York. He fared a little better in Iowa, but in that case, he struggled to interact with human beings. 

It looks like Fox News and the big-money Republican donors might be backing the wrong horse. There is no Ron-mentum, so to speak, and if they insist on sticking with DeSantis, it could be the equivalent of handing the 2024 presidential nomination to Trump.

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