At his latest weaponization of government hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) dismissed witnesses before they could be cross-examined by Democrats.


Jordan dismissed the witnesses, and Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) said, “Mr. Chairman, these witnesses are being dismissed without the ability to cross-examine their statements. They made some outlandish allegations here, and consistent with the work of this committee, especially this select committee and congressional hearings in general, we should have the ability to question their statements .”

Rep. Lynch went on to say that he believed that parts of the testimony given by previous witnesses were false and would like the opportunity to question them.

Jordan said, “Those witnesses aren’t here.”

The witnesses were not there because Jordan had unilaterally dismissed them.

After Democrats debunked Jordan’s claim of having whistleblowers before the first weaponization hearing and torched his witnesses through cross-examination at the second hearing, the Ohio congressman has adopted the tactic of not allowing Democrats to cross-examine all of the witnesses.

Rep. Jordan is already not sharing evidence and information with the Democrats on the select subcommittee. None of this has stopped Democrats from exposing the hearings as a sham, so the chairman keeps witnesses who offer false testimony away from Democratic questioning.

The weaponization subcommittee has flopped, and Jim Jordan is going to extreme lengths to silence Democrats.

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