April 16, 2022

Your passionate inner fire burns brightly this Saturday, as the year’s only full moon in Libra lights up your eighth house of interpersonal intensity. In a relationship? Tap into these intimate moonbeams to help you work through a question of commitment with your partner. Perhaps one of you is pushing for that “next big step,” while the other is reluctant to rush into anything. The best way through this? Candid communication. That may make you a bit nervous, Pisces, but try not to freak out. Here’s a thought: Rehearse exactly what you want to say before you engage in a dialogue. With a little effort, you could finally get clarity about this issue over the next two weeks. Single? Things could start to sizzle with a new prospect. It may be a bit difficult to get your bearings during the whirlwind of these passionate early days. Don’t overthink it! Simply go with the flow and let things develop naturally. By the time next month rolls around, you’ll have a better idea if this one has LTR potential. On Sunday, the moon shifts into Scorpio and your zone of expanded horizons. Is there a sexy summer getaway you’ve been longing to plan? Start researching those travel arrangements!

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