WAYNE COUNTY, Ind. — Police in Wayne County say a newborn child did not survive after a woman who was nine months pregnant with twins was hurt in a head-on crash.

Police say a 44-year-old man from Indianapolis was driving east on Lamar Road just after 12:30 p.m. Satuday. According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, the man’s car went left of the center line just before a hillcrest to avoid someone cutting grass along the road.

As he crossed the center line, a 24-year-old pregnant Hagerstown woman going west on Lamar crested the hill.

The two vehicles hit each other in a head-on collision.

The woman had to undergo an emergency caesarian section to deliver the infants. The sheriff’s office says one of the newborns did not survive.

The other driver was also taken to the hospital.

Police say they do not have updated conditions for the people hurt in the crash.

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