INDIANAPOLIS — Three separate overnight shootings in the span of two hours left three men injured across Indianapolis.

In one of those incidents, a trail of damage was left behind, after gunfire hit nearby cars and houses on the street. Neighbors said they’re concerned and hope this serves as a wake up call before an innocent life is lost in the crossfires.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, officers responded to the 2100 block of Ringgold Avenue for a report of shots fired on Tuesday night shortly after 11 p.m. and found a man who had been shot.

The victim was taken to the hospital, where he was last listed in serious, but stable condition.

Police said detectives spoke with witnesses, who told them there was a gunfight in the middle of the street at close range. Initial investigation, including evidence at the scene, led IMPD to believe that the shootout stemmed from an argument over a small amount of marijuana, said Major Kerry Buckner.

“The neighbors came out because there were several cars shot up during this gunfight. Windows were shot, quarter panels and fenders were shot. They were just randomly firing at each other up and down the street,” Buckner said.

The sound of gunfire caught the attention of neighbors, who quickly realized what was going on.

“I heard what I thought were firecrackers, and I was like okay, they’ve been going off in the neighborhood recently, whatever,” said Kyle Fischer, who said he saw the flashing lights soon after and realized it was worse than he thought.

“We just heard quite a few big bangs and looked outside and my dogs went crazy and saw a kid on the ground and I ran outside,” said resident Angela Smith. “We didn’t know if a car hit another car but it ended up being gunshots.”

Smith said another neighbor ran over to help the victim.

“He came over and put his hands on the kid’s stomach to help put pressure on the bleeding and calmed him down. He did ask him questions like ‘do you know who shot you, what’s your name’ and at the same time, he was calling 911. He’s an amazing man,” Smith said.

Both Fischer and Smith said their mind instantly went to the ‘what ifs,’ had a bullet gone through a home and hit an innocent bystander, someone walking outside, or even their own loved ones.

Fischer said, “What if I was walking home at this time and it happened, would I have been accidentally shot? Could I have been in the crossfire?”

IMPD reminds that people shooting in the city’s neighborhoods are putting not only themselves, but others in danger.

“They are putting children in danger, they are putting people in their homes in danger, people just in the community,” said IMPD Officer Samone Burris.

“It takes but a second for someone to be injured, for a life to be taken, especially when gunfire takes place when people are shooting randomly and recklessly within a neighborhood,” Burris added. “They are now at risk because people don’t want to use conflict resolution skills, people want to continue to pickup weapons, want to continue to fire their guns in our streets and that’s not okay and it’s not acceptable.”

Smith said both her car and her husband’s sustained damage due to gunfire. His door is unable to open due to the damage and her car has a shattered window, along with damage to the front and rear passenger doors.

“You can’t just fix the window because the frame is messed up,” said Smith.

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