INDIANAPOLIS — A man convicted of beating another man to death at a gas station with a golf club and then asking a witness if they wanted to help hide the body was sentenced to 55 years in jail on Wednesday.

Maurice Lillie was found guilty of murder after a two-day trial that concluded on May 19.

According to court documents, officers found Dustin McClennon’s body behind a gas station in the 2700 block of E. 38th Street on May 26, 2020. An eyewitness told police that McClennon had been beaten by Lillie with a golf club after Lillie reportedly told McClennon that he had disrespected his wife and that he was “going to take care of it.”

The witness said after Lillie repeatedly beat McClennon in the head and back with the golf club, Lillie dragged the victim behind the gas station and then approached the witness asking, “Do you want to help hide a dead body?”

An autopsy later revealed McClennon’s cause of death as stabbing and blunt force trauma.

Investigators ended up locating a bent golf club in the dumpster behind the gas station. Numerous knives, including one covered in blood, ended up being located in the vehicle Lillie left the scene in.

In an interview, Lillie admitted to pulling a knife from McClennon’s neck after dragging his body behind the gas station.

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