Patrick Intinoli |Brian Groce |Mark Bryant [Photo coutesy Mesa Police Department]

Three men were arrested after Mesa Police Department officers caught them in the act of stealing an ATM machine. The three men were identified as 41-year-old Patrick Intintoli, 57-year-old Mark Bryant, and 53-year-old Brian Groce.

According to the Mesa Police Department, beginning in November 2021, officers were investigating a series of burglaries where suspect(s) were using stolen construction equipment to forcibly remove ATMs or safes from businesses. The stolen ATMs and safes were removed and later found at different locations after they had been dumped.

The stolen construction equipment used in the crimes was always left at the scene. Mesa detectives were working on at least three cases that all had similar circumstances. In one of the cases, video showed a suspect wearing black and white gloves during the commission of the crime. A single black and white glove was recovered at the crime scene next to a stolen piece of construction equipment. The glove would be the lead that eventually cracked the case. The glove was collected and analyzed for DNA. The DNA profile matched a person in the system named Patrick Intintoli.

Detectives were able to get a warrant that showed Intintoli’s phone at three crime scenes, two in Mesa and one in Tempe. Through their investigation, detectives discovered that Intintoli had also been convicted in 2006 for stealing an ATM with a forklift from a bank.

On May 5th, 2022, officers were watching Intintoli when they saw him, Bryant, and Groce leave an address in Mesa in two separate cars. Officers followed where they witnessed the three of them steal a trailer from a parking lot and hook it up to their vehicle. They then drove to a construction site where they stole a Caterpillar tractor. All three then drove to a credit union in Pinal County where they used the tractor to remove an ATM from the ground and place it into the stolen trailer. They left the stolen tractor at the scene and returned to an address in Mesa with the stolen trailer and ATM.

Officers saw Groce observed leaving the house and going to a Home Depot where he bought a saw and high-end cutting blades. When he returned to the house, he was taken into custody along with Intintoli. Bryant was arrested and taken into custody at a nearby address.

The stolen trailer and ATM were both recovered.

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