“At our last table read—I’m gonna blame it on Miles—Miles started crying a little bit and it started to get the waterworks going for me and I couldn’t stop,” he shared. “When you’ve been on a show for so long, it’s like everybody feels like a family and we’ve really grown together as a crew and cast, and it was just like the realization of it all being over. We’re all so excited to move to new things and continue to grow—[I’ve] been able to start a production company—but saying goodbye is always hard.”

While Brown made Scribner cry, he revealed that the “legendary” Jennifer Lewis, who plays his grandmother, always has him laughing on set and unwittingly gave him a life lesson.

“I feel like the best advice I’ve gotten from Jennifer that I’ve honestly just picked up from observing is to have fun,” he revealed. “She’s always on set bringing the fun and the joy and never taking things too seriously, and it really helps to lift my mood because I tend to overthink sometimes. But getting out of your head and just living in the moment is something I’ve learned from just watching Jennifer.”

Check out the full interview with Scribner in the clip above.

The Black-ish series finale airs Tuesday, April 19 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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