First he turned down for what, now he wants to do what?!?

Viewers can see a different side of rapper Lil Jon in the new HGTV series Lil Jon Wants to Do What?, in which Lil Jon and interior designer Anitra Mecadon turn dated spaces into chic living areas. And while the artist isn’t exactly known for his home decor skills, he tells The Hollywood Reporter, “People just look at me as the crazy guy screaming, but you can’t be like that all the time.”

Instead, Jon—real name Jonathan Smith—is actually pretty calm and organized. His meticulousness is something Anitra saw firsthand when she worked with him on his Atlanta home’s tequila bar around 2016. She remembers receiving a binder full of ideas that Lil Jon had, telling THR, “He did his research; he was watching the shows; he was making what we call inspiration boards and taking notes.”

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