The TikTok community has lost a shining star. 

Kyle Marisa Roth—who made a name for herself on the platform by sharing celebrity gossip videos—died last week due to unknown circumstances, her sister Lindsay Roth shared on social media. She was 36. 

“As a family we are still processing and deciding how to properly celebrate and honor her life,” Lindsay wrote in an April 15 Instagram post. “We don’t know [what] happened yet.”

Praising Kyle for touching “so many people with her humor, intelligence, beauty, gossip activism, athleticism and more,” she added, “She had so many gifts. if anyone wants to connect about Kyle, im here to talk and share memories.”

Lindsay also promised to provide an update on “any memorials as they are planned” before concluding, “I am so sorry to those learning about this loss right now. Any prayers thoughts blessings or intentions for this souls smooth transition are welcomed.”

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