Artwork from Streets of Rage III featuring Axel and Blaze.

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2022 continues to offer up headlines that seem like they were created by a rogue AI learning how to play Mad Libs. Today’s example: It’s reported that, following the continued success of the Sonic films, Sega and dj2 Entertainment are working with the writer of John Wick on a movie adaptation of classic Sega beat ‘em up Streets of Rage.

Today, Deadline reported that the next Sega video game headed to theaters via a film adaptation is the ‘90s Genesis hit Streets of Rage. Reportedly, Sega is once again teaming up with dj2 Entertainment, the same production house behind the Sonic The Hedgehog films. The adaptation is being written by Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick franchise. According to Deadline’s sources, he wrote the script “on spec,” which is Hollywood lingo for when a writer just writes something unsolicited and sends it to the studios. One wonders if Kolstad is a big Sega fan.

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For those who might not have played the original game, Streets of Rage, originally released in 1991, has players stepping into the boots of Adam, Axel, or Blaze, three vigilante police officers working together to save the city from being overtaken by a dangerous criminal gang led by Mr. Big. To win the day they do a lot of punching and kicking while shuffling through eight levels from one side of the screen to the other.

After the success of the first game, two sequels were quickly released. However, after 1994’s controversial third game, the series went mostly dormant for over two decades until the recent release of 2020’s Streets of Rage 4. Now, following the success of both Sonic films, it seems Sega is looking to its one super-popular beat ‘em up series for its next potential blockbuster hit.

As pointed out by Deadline, yet another John Wick alum is currently working on his own video game film adaptation. Chad Stahelski, the director of all three John Wick films, is directing a movie based on the PlayStation exclusive Ghost of Tsushima. That film was first announced in 2021.

Meanwhile, this is just one of many video game projects in the works from dj2 Entertainment. The production company is also working on films based on Life Is Strange, It Takes Two, Sleeping Dogs, and Disco Elysium. Oh and also a Teddy Ruxpin film, I guess? Weird stuff.

However, as video game TV shows like Arcane and movies like Sonic continue to find success around the world, it’s likely we will see even more films and TV shows based on games getting announced in the coming months.

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