The three forms of exfoliation are as follows: alpha-hydroxy acids (AKA glycolic and lactic acids), microfine pumice, and pomegranate enzymes. Let’s dive into each form of exfoliation and learn how it works, shall we? 

The first one—the alpha hydroxy acids—offers chemical exfoliation. “Alpha-hydroxy acids like lactic and glycolic acid work by dissolving the bonds securing dead skin cells to the surface layer of the skin,” Yadav says. The second one—the microfine pumice—counts as physical exfoliation. This form “manually sloughs away those dead skin cells.” Finally, there are the pomegranate enzymes. These count as enzymatic exfoliation, which Yadav says is comparable to chemical exfoliation except it’s usually much milder. 

Together, they offer the skin a comprehensive exfoliation, which explains why it makes my skin so incredibly smooth. It also explains why I prefer it over other, popular body scrubs. Other, more traditional scrubs, contain only one, maybe two, forms of exfoliation. This one on the other hand offers the best of, well, all worlds. If you use it, I trust you’ll have smooth, silky skin sans irritation just like me. 

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