A few weeks ago, I found myself hanging out with fellow fashion editors after work. For most, any after-hours activity with colleagues may be conducted over cocktails, but for us, it was spent doing what we know best—shopping. We spent the evening shuffling through the sparkling marble floors of Nordstrom’s flagship store in New York City. While I hate to be biased because there are so many good Nordstrom locations worldwide, I have to say there’s something particularly magical about the Manhattan store. Maybe it’s because it has seven floors and six restaurants, or maybe it’s because there’s an entire floor dedicated to what I love most: designer shoes. 

Arriving on this floor in Nordstrom for a shoe fanatic is akin to arriving in paradise. Everywhere you look, there’s something divine—just so many pairs of Fendi, Gucci, Prada, and Christian Louboutin shoes. While I only managed to stare at the shoes that evening, I did convince myself that I had to return and actually try on a few. So I decided to reach out to Nordstrom’s team to ask them if I could document trying on some of the buzziest designer shoes of the moment in-store, and luckily for me, they obliged. Ahead, you’ll find my full review of eight designer shoes, plus a roundup of the best affordable options at Nordstrom.  But first, a little bit about why I chose the pairs I did…

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