Ivanka Trump confirmed to the 1/6 Committee what was going on in the White House during the Capitol attack and that her dad was reluctant to call off the rioters.

According to CNN:

While Thompson was careful to point out that Donald Trump’s daughter and son-in-law Jared Kushner did not give away any “trade secrets” and that their testimony was not against Trump himself, he said the couple did corroborate critical testimony from others who said the then-President was reluctant to try to call off the rioters despite being asked to do so.

“They kinda supported the fact that the President was told he had to do something to stop the January 6 insurrection. That he had to be public with it; he had to be direct,” Thompson said. “So in that respect … we have been able to systematically, with our depositions and interviewing of other witnesses, we’ve been able to fill in a lot of the gaps.”

Trump was told that he had to do something to stop the violence, and even his daughter testified that he was “reluctant” to stop an attack on the United States government while he was the President Of The United States.

Ivanka Trump couldn’t dress it up to make his behavior look better than what it was. Her dad watched TV as people were trying to hang his vice president and murder members of Congress.

Ivanka Trump may not have testified against her father, but it sure sounds like what she said didn’t help him.

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